Oil Pan ID

We get a lot of questions about oil pans. For most passenger car swaps the basic answer is: you need a low-profile, center-sump style oil pan, standard on most passenger cars. This means that if you are taking the donor engine from a truck, van, or motor home, you can't use the oil pan. Below are schematics for some of the many Chrysler oil pans, with measurements that you can use as a guide for determining which will fit your car.

'73-78 B-Body Oil Pan (Stamping #971)

This is the 5-quart oil pan we recommend for our B-Body conversion kits. While it's not the only oil pan that will work with this swap, it's the one most commonly available.


'67-73 C-Body Oil Pan (Stamping #187, 699)

These are the oil pans we recommend for our A-Body conversion kits. While these are not as commonly available as they once were, they're still out there.  We like the neat indentation that allows clearance for the idler arm.


Other B/RB Oil Pans

Stamping #854

'70-72 B,E-Body:  B/RB Engine HP

6 quart


Stamping #402, 695

'66-72 B-Body:  B/RB Engine


No Stamping #

'64-65 B,C-Body:  B/RB Engine


No Stamping #

'65-66 C-Body:  B/RB Engine


"A" Engine Oil Pans

No Stamping #

360 A Engine:  '74-80 A,B,E-Body


Stamping #438

360 A Engine:  '71-73 C-Body


No Stamping #

A Engine:  '65-66 A,B,C-Body


'67-72 A-Body "A" Engine Oil Pans

We don't have a schematic for the '67-72 A-Body A engine oil pans, but we find that most passenger car oil pans will work in this swap. Stamping #'s are as follows (notice the large interchange):

#394 A,B,C-Body '67-69

#294 A,B,C,E-Body '70-72

#228 A,B,C,E-Body '73-74

NOTE: 273/318/340 oil pans are NOT interchangable with 360 oil pans