Mopar K-Member ID Guide

Over the years we've seen it all; A big block put in place of a Slant 6 using home made brackets.  K-members swapped for earlier or later years for no rhyme or reason.  The list can go on.  To help aid in the identification of your K-Member, we've put together this handy visual with the hope it help you find the correct parts you need to keep you project moving.  

'67-72 A-Body K-Member

V8 Shown

There are several ways to determine whether a '67-72 A-Body K-Member is a V8 or Slant 6:

  • With the engine in the car, measure from the passenger side (Right) frame rail to the perch - V8 Measures approximately 4 inches, Slant 6 Measures approximately 2 inches.
  • In the engine is not installed in the car, measure across the top from perch to perch - V8 Measures approximately 20 inches, Slant 6 Measures approximately 22-1/4 inches.

'67-69 A-Body Original B/RB K-Member


  • Detail of Driver Side (Left) perch.  Note the 2 7/16' slots similar to '63-65 B-Body.

  • Detail of Passenger Side (Right) perch.  This perch is identical to '66-72 B-Body.


'63-66 A-Body V8 & Slant 6 K-Member

'66-70 B & E-Body Hemi K-Member

  • Detail of Driver Side (Left) Perch.

'66-72 B-Body / '70-74 E-Body V8 K-Member

'70 & up shown

  • Driver Side (Left) perch detail. '66-73 C-Body K-Members are different, but the perch is the same.

  • '70 and up sway bar mounting shown, '66-69 sway bar mounts on the front.

'66-72 B-Body / '70-74 E-Body Slant 6 K-Member

'63-65 B-Body V8 K-Member


  • Note 2 7/16" slots


'63-65 B-Body Slant 6 K-Member


  • Note single 3/4" slot


'73 & Up V8 K-Member


  • The easiest way to determine the difference between a V8 and Slant 6 K-Member is to measure the width of the perch: V8 Measures 3-3/4 inch, Slant 6 Measures 2-3/4 inch.

  • V8

  • Slant 6


'73 & Up Slant 6 K-Member