'73+ A,B,C,F,M,J-Body Slant 6 to Big Block
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'73+ A,B,C,F,M,J-Body Slant 6 to Big Block

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Positions a Big Block 383, 400 or 440 engine to factory specs on your original Slant 6 '73 and up A, B, F, M, J-Body (and '74 & up C-Body) K-member while still retaining the bullet-proof quality of Chrysler originals. Complete kit includes powdercoated brackets, polyurethane spool bushings, grade 8 hardware kit, and detailed instructions. Works with or without power steering.  Made in the USA!

NOTE: The driver's side mounting perch on the '73 & Up K-member interferes with any V8 block and B/RB oil pump. To eliminate this problem, the driver's side engine mounting perch needs to be drilled with 9/16" holes and excess material must be removed. This effectively lowers the perch and is detailed in the instructions.

Installation Instructions

Part Number: A73B6